Adventuresome food-lovers can enjoy more substantial dessert courses by choosing unique combinations that join sweet and savory flavors into exciting gourmet treats. Foodies can find these offerings in many creative restaurants that offer gorgeously plated miniature works of art. Home cooks have many choices of unique recipes, and adventurous kitchen artists can try the following ideas to get started on healthier lifestyles without sacrificing flavor.

Macerated Strawberries Add Elegant Appeal

The term macerated means soaked or marinated. Once the tops of the berries have been cut off, simply slice them, add a quality marinate, usually lemon juice or balsamic vinaigrette, and let the mixture stand for at least 30 minutes. Each individual can decide whether or not they would like to add sugar or substitute honey as a natural sweetener.

Quinoa Tacos Offer Whole-Grain Appeal

The ingredients suggest salsa, and they make great salads, but creative cooks can make refreshing, savory tacos and serve them in place of desserts. Ingredients include lime juice, cider vinegar, black beans, quinoa, tomato, stock, and diced vegetables. Take an adventurous trip into extraordinary territory by checking out the complete recipe for quinoa tacos and creating something really different for the family’s next meal.

Emeril’s Berry Soup with Caramelized Peaches

A recipe from Emeril Lagasse adds instant culinary credibility, and this simple, cold soup makes a graceful dessert. The caramelized peaches add complexity and interest to the dish, and the remaining poaching liquid joins the final soup presentation. Serve in chilled bowls with unsweetened goat’s milk or soy yogurt and toasted almonds to add some texture to the blackberry-soup base. Cooks can find the details for making Emeril’s berry soup and stun their families with delicious originality.

Pinto Bean Pie

This creative dessert uses mashed beans and cooks them in similar style to refried beans, but with a few major differences—the addition of eggs, milk, sugar, molasses and cinnamon. The recipe follows traditional pie-baking methods including a standard piecrust and meringue topping. The molasses adds a strong flavor, but cooks can choose to leave this ingredient out of the recipe. Get all the details for pinto bean pie and give the family a big surprise when they taste this unique dessert.

Zucchini and Jalapeño Cookies

Folks enjoy carrot cakes and carrot cookies, but these sugar-glazed gems combine sweet, hot, and savory flavors in an irresistible combination most everyone will love. The glaze includes a hint of lime, which give the beautifully green-flecked cookies an instant mouth-watering appeal. The recipe for zucchini and jalapeño cookies will draw raves from guests.