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What is IBBOX?

IBBOX is an independent  content discovery platform that allows customers to find restaurants near them. Today information has to be efficiently and effectively delivered – most of our users are smart phones or mobile device users. IBBOX  enables customers to access the latest reviews and information on over 12,000 restaurants.

How does it work? It’s very simple!

  1. Submit your restaurant to IBBOX
  2. Select a Premium Package
  3. Receive visitors and traffic directly to your restaurant website

Why should I use IBBOX?

  • Drive quality traffic to your website, article, blog, mobile optimized or video content
  • Reach a new audience at scale
  • Get exposure on thousands of potential customers
  • Reach 18% of the UK consumer market

Will I Be Waiting Long To Get The Web Site Visitors?

Not at all!
Premium Packages will start seeing websites hits within hours. The traffic may vary day by day. The website referrer will be IBBOX.com on your website analytics. This means the users have been redirected from IBBOX.com to your website.

Our Trial Package will enable you to receive traffic to your website within hours. We cannot guarantee the number of visits for the Trial Package.

What do I get as Premium Customer?

We have 3 different premium packages for restaurant and pub owners. In order to increase the amount of traffic to your website, we will position your establishment in many different area in our website. Depending on the package:

1. We will publish your website in the Featured Area.
2. We will publish your establishment in the Handpicked section of our main page.
3. We will position your establishment on the right side of our content pages as a new listing.
4. We will publish your content in our website footer.
5. We might popup your ads on mobile devices.

We do take into consideration the location of the user, popularity of the establishment, the premium packaged purchased, the user preference and several other information available to us. Our system will display a list of establishments at any point of time to a user.

Who Do I Contact for Customer Support?

Please email support@ibbox.com and one of our dedicated support team will get back to you.

Are there any hidden fees?


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IBBOX. UK Largest Restaurant DirectoryMore than 3.5 millions views and 750000 unique visitors per year, join us today to list your restaurant to boost your traffic.