You’ve undoubtedly heard it said that you are what you eat. But if that’s true, would it be reasonable to say that any bizarre restaurant habits you might possess also determine, at least in part, who you are? We hope not. Otherwise, there are some very successful people who might not be trustworthy due to their rather bizarre eating habits.

The world of bizarre restaurant habits spans the globe, that’s for sure. One need only watch Andrew Zimmern’sBizarre Foods television program to see it in full, living color. But even highly successful people that seem otherwise normal can have some pretty strange habits of their own. Below is a short list of names you’ll recognize.

Nicolas Cage – No Pork

You might be familiar with A-list actor Nicolas Cage, best known for his starring role in the National Treasure film series. But did you know that Cage refuses to eat pork? It’s true. But make no mistake, it’s not because he has religious objections to it. He refuses to eat pork because the animals, while living, don’t engage in “dignified sex.”

According to Business Insider, Cage told the Sun in 2010 that he’s okay with fish and fowl because they have acceptable mating habits. He’s not so sure about those pigs out there rolling in the mud. That being the case, one wonders how the actor feels about four-legged farm animals in general.

Howard Hughes – Tissue Wrapped Utensils

Late industrialist, filmmaker, and philanthropist Howard Hughes was well known to be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder throughout his lifetime. One of his biggest compulsions had to do with the utensils with which he ate. Each utensil had to be individually wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with cellophane tape. This was true whether he ate at home or at a restaurant.

To his credit, Hughes didn’t let his paranoia of germs get in the way of his philanthropic work. He established the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1953, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Since its founding, the Institute has been a national leader in biomedical research, science, and engineering.


Mark Zuckerberg – Temporary Vegetarian

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2011 that he was making a change to a vegetarian diet. What was his rationale? It suddenly occurred to him that a living creature had to die in order for him to enjoy a steak. That apparently struck a nerve, because he vowed to eat only meat from animals he killed himself.

His conversion to vegetarianism was only for year. In August 2012, Zuckerberg was none too happy to announce to the world a brand-new app that would let him share with others the fact that he was grilling a steak. We’re still not sure how that app worked, or why it was even necessary, but the fact still remains that Zuckerberg’s tryst with the vegetarian lifestyle was only temporary.

Lyoto Machida – Consumer of Urine

The next person on our list may be controversial in terms of being one of the world’s most successful individuals. What he does certainly doesn’t qualify as a bizarre restaurant habit for no other reason than his chosen culinary practice only occurs in the privacy of his own home. Having said that, here we go anyway.

Machida is a successful UFC fighter and a former light-heavyweight champion. Every morning he consumes a glass of his own urine at the behest of his father, who has convinced him that human urine is a great medicine. It seems to us that the body expels urine because it’s not good to hold onto. But apparently we’re wrong.

Hugh Hefner – Playboy Food Only

We’ve reserved Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner for the last spot on our list because we believe his bizarre restaurant habit is the most bizarre of all. No, it has nothing to do with drinking urine or eschewing animals whose sexual habits he does not like. It has everything to do with where the food is prepared.

Believe it or not, Mr. Hefner only eats food prepared by his personal chef at the Playboy Mansion. That’s right: He doesn’t eat the restaurant food provided by the establishment he’s visiting. When he takes his guests out to dine he has his own meal sent to him, served right along with what everyone else is eating.

We consider this behavior rather bizarre for one obvious reason: The point of dining at a restaurant is to eat the restaurant’s food. What Mr. Hefner does would be no different than bringing your own hairstylist with you to the barbershop. It would be no different than dragging your own washing machine and dryer to the laundromat. But that’s what Mr. Hefner prefers.

The world is truly a bizarre place to live in, is it not? But thankfully, we don’t all have to be the same to enjoy one another’s company. There’s plenty of room for bizarre restaurant habits among the millions of people that grace our planet. As long as your bizarre habits remain your own, all will be well with your world.